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Alex (Verhœven, #1) - Pierre Lemaitre, Frank Wynne I picked up an advance reading copy of this book at BookExpo America, and I'm really glad I did! It's a, great, twisty thriller and a really engrossing read. The publisher seems to be promoting this series as "the next Steig Larsson" and you can see why they do--the book has something of the brutality of the Larsson books and this book at least focuses on a damaged, Lisbeth Salander-like character. But there are differences--for one, this book is much better written than the Larsson books. Also, the shocking things that happen seem like they really could possibly happen, whereas some of the things that Larsson depicted in his trilogy seem unbelievable. A nice bonus is the glimpse one gets of the French justice system, which is quite different than the American one. And Camille, the detective/protagonist, seems like a character I'll look forward to "living with" again. Finally, the translator has done an excellent job (bravo!). Please do translate the rest of the books in the series--I'll buy them for sure.