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Fascinating glimpse of Poland in the Fifties

Beautiful Twentysomethings - Marek Hlasko

This book will be primarily of interest to three groups of readers: 1) people who have read Hlasko's novels, especially those that have been translated into English; 2) historians interested in the post-Stalinist period in East Central Europe; 3) Slavicists, especially Polonists. For those readers, this is a great book. If you don't fit in one of those groups, I'd recommend starting with one of Hlasko's novels, like Eighth Day of the Week or The Graveyard, which are available in English (Killing the Second Dog is soon to be reprinted in English as well). Then you should come back to this, and you'll really appreciate it. My only real quibbles with the book are its lack of an index and the fact that in the ebook the terms in the glossary aren't hyperlinked.