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The Minotaur's Head: An Eberhard Mock Investigation

The Minotaur's Head: An Eberhard Mock Investigation - Marek Krajewski I like the Eberhard Mock series a lot. This is another great example, although Ebi himself is not "on stage" as often as in the other 3 books in the series I've read. If you're not familiar with Polish history, you might think that Breslau/Wroclaw isn't there that much either, but I'm sure people in Wroclaw really loved that much of the story was set in Lwow (present-day Lviv, Ukraine), since after WWII, when Breslau became Wroclaw, most of the Poles moving there came from Lwow. As usual with this series, the atmosphere of places that basically no longer exist is magnificently evoked. In this case, multicultural Lwow is described and contrasted both with Breslau and with Kattowitz (Katowice) in the months just before WWII started, yet after the Nazis had taken over Germany. Nowhere is immune to darkness, perversion, and the evil that lurks in men's souls, however.