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Golden Calf, The (Inspector Irene Huss Investigation)

The Golden Calf (Inspector Irene Huss) - Helene Tursten I like this series in general. Irene Huss, the main character, is a very down-to-earth nice person who doesn't have the usual loner-detective neuroses, yet at the same time, she's not boring, and it's fun to learn about Swedish society while reading the books. That said, I felt a bit cheated at the end of this particular book, which was humming along until our heroine and her partners captured the guy who had done the killings, and then a deus ex machina from the FBI comes in at the end to explain to the Swedes what it all meant. I think Tursten didn't really know how to end the book, and this was a cop-out (no pun intended).